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The Fitness Center entrance is located on the pool side of the barn, lower level.  Open 24 hours/day, the center can be accessed using your fob. There are  locker room facilities, including handicap accessible showers. 
Please report malfunctioning equipment or other issues with the facility to the Property Manager.
For your safety  and enjoyment, please follow the rules posted in the center and remember:
Fitness Center Regulations
  1. If you suffer from physical disabilities such as heart condition, bad back or pregnancy, you should refrain from using the equipment.
  2. As a precautionary measure, you should obtain the approval of a physician before utilizing the exercise equipment.
  3. Weightlifting and other exercise can cause injury such as pulled muscles, strained backs, or injury to joints and are not the result of any fault on the part of the exercise equipment, but which are an inherent risk of activity or exercise. Using the equipment in moderation, and in the manner in which it was designed, reduces the likelihood of injury. If you feel a strain, other than that commonly associated with fatigue from exercise, you should immediately discontinue using the equipment.
  4. If you note a defect in the equipment, immediately report it to the Avalon East Homeowners Association property management company.
  5. The Fitness Center is intended for the exclusive use of residents of the Avalon East Homeowners Association. Guests are not permitted to use the facility.
  6. No instructor or supervision is provided by the Avalon East Homeowners Association. If you are unclear as to how to use a piece of equipment, you should refrain from using it. Personnel of the Avalon East Homeowners Association have no expertise in the manner in which the exercise equipment and the Fitness Center are to be operated and, therefore, you are to use such equipment at your own risk.
  7. Children under age 16 should not enter the Fitness Center and no child under the age of 16 is permitted to use the exercise equipment.
  8. Do not provide access to the Fitness Center to any other person.
  9. Failure to comply with all rules and regulations applicable to the use and operation of the Fitness Center may result in revocation of your rights to enter the Fitness Center and to use the exercise equipment.