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  • Can anyone attend Board Meetings?
    Board meetings are open to all Avalon East Homeowners Association members. Board meetings may be closed if business includes legal or financial issues with specific homeowners or other sensitive business. Membership will be notified via the website if meetings are closed to the public. Minutes of meetings are posted to the website.
  • Can I pay my bill online?
    • Select “Online Payments”
  • Do I need permission to make changes to the exterior of my property?
    Yes. You should consult with your individual community HOA (Courtyards, Condo, Townhome) to determine what you need to submit in order to make improvements to the exterior of your property. This includes planters, windows, door paint, and landscaping.
  • Does the Avalon East HOA manage the courtyard, townhomes, condo, and estate property?
    No. The courtyard, townhome and condo properties are separately governed associations and are maintained by their individual community property management companies. 
  • How can I pay my Avalon East fees?
    You have several options:
    1. Pay online at tidewaterpropertymanagement.com
    2. Pay by your bank's online bill pay. Contact Tidewater Property Management for details 
    3. Pay by U.S. Mail: Write a check payable to Avalon East Community Association and mail it along with your payment billing coupon to the address listed on the billing coupon. Important: Please write your homeowner address or account number on the check. 
  • How do I get a fob key?
    Fob keys are available at the Tidewater Property Management office in Owings Mills. Each residence receives one free fob. Each additional fob is $10.
  • How do I rent the barn for events?
    First, determine if the facility is available on your desired date by looking at the Upcoming Events section. If available, send an email to the Property Manager to notify them of your interest. Next, please download and complete the Application. Once complete, mail the contract along with the $250 Security Deposit and $150 Rental Fee to the address shown on the application.
  • I can't access some sections of the website. How do I get access?
    Submit your request for log-in credentials to the Avalon East Board. If you are an authorized user, your information will be emailed to you.
  • Is recycling available?
    Recycling is available and encouraged. Pickup using approved containers is each Thursday morning, except holidays.
    For more information on acceptable containers and recyclable material, please visit the Baltimore County Department of Public Works recycling website.
  • Is there a fee for the pool?
    There is no fee for homeowners. Homeowners may invite up to 2 guests without charge. There is a fee for more than 2 guests. Please contact the Property Manager for current fee and to receive passes.  
  • When is trash collected?
    Trash is collected each Wednesday morning, with the exception of holidays. You should follow the guidelines for your specific location regarding placement and removal of containers.
  • Who do I contact if I have a maintenance problem?
    You should determine if the problem is your responsibility as the homeowner or the responsibility of your association. If it should be handled by your association, contact your property manager.  For the townhomes, contact Noreen Walden at MRA at 1-866-685-6557. For condominiums, contact Heidi at CAM at 410-602-6898 ext 111. For courtyards, contact Ruth.