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~ Avalon East Community ~
The Avalon East Community comprises the Avalon East Community Association (AECOA), also known as the Master Board or Community Association (COA), overseeing 199 homes.
The AECOA manages the pool, sports courts, clubhouse, fitness center, and common park areas.
To ensure the maintenance of these facilities and properties, COA fees are collected biannually on January 1st and July 1st. These fees are separate from your respective HOA dues.
Among the 199 homes, four subdivisions exist, with three having homeowners associations (HOAs):
1. Avalon Court 6 Condominiums (36 homes)
2. Avalon Courtyard Homes (77 homes)
3. Avalon Estate Homes (29 homes) - No HOA
4. Avalon Court 5 Townhomes (57 homes)
Each year, residents often mistakenly submit payments to the wrong association or direct requests to the incorrect property management association. Such errors increase management costs, cause delays in repair work and payment processing, and may result in late fees for residents.
It's important to note that AECOA does not handle issues related to individual homes. This includes managing home repairs, roofs, landscaping, leaks, insurance, roads, noise disturbances, neighbor disputes, plumbing, electrical issues, driveways, sidewalks, power washing, pest control, tree maintenance, or parking outside AECOA parameters.
For assistance with these matters, please contact your respective homeowner association.
Avalon HOA Contacts 
Avalon Court 6 Condominiums :
Pelican Management Company 
Property Mgr. is Matthew Cohen matt@pelicanmgt.com
or call 410-645-1865 x227
Avalon Court 5 Townhomes: 
D.H. Bader Management, Inc. 
Property Mgr. is Kathleen Hutzell, 
or call 301.953.1955

~ AECOA Property Management ~
The AECOA oversees the operations of the
  • Pool
  • Sports Courts
  • Clubhouse (referred to as the Barn)
  • Fitness Center
  • Park
  • Designated communal areas
This responsibility falls under the management of Pelican Property Management Company, LLC.
For inquiries or to purchase a fob , please reach out to Matt Cohen at Matt@pelicanmgt.com.
If you require assistance beyond what Pelican can offer, you can contact avaloneastcoa@gmail.com .

~ From the AECOA ~
The Avalon East Community is celebrating its 25-16th anniversary, and while vibrant, our infrastructure is beginning to display signs of aging.
  • During 2021, the wading pool underwent renovation, including the installation of new motors. Subsequently, in 2022, the Board approved the renovation of the large pool. The collective cost of these renovations amounted to $100,000.
  • The renovation of the sports court was finalized in 2022.
  • In the first quarter of 2023, the upper level of the Barn underwent a refreshment.
  • Scheduled for updates in 2024-2025, the fitness center is slated for renovation. The proposed improvements include replacing outdated equipment, modernizing the restrooms, and enhancing the lighting.
  •  We've had volunteers step up to assist with the renovation and design of the fitness center—stay tuned for updates. Additionally, we welcome input from residents regarding the equipment and amenities they would like to see in the space.
Email us with your comments 

~ Clubhouse (Barn) ~
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~ Pool ~
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~ Upcoming Events ~
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~ General Announcements ~
The Baltimore County trash (T) and recycle (R) collection schedule . Put Trash out after 6pm and trash must be in a bag inside a trash can. There should not be any bags out unless they are in a trash can. 
Wednesday (T) 
Thursday    (R) 
2024 Bulk Trash Days
Wednesday, September 18, 2024

The Barn cleaning services are scheduled for every Friday by So Rose Cleaning Services. 

Landscaping Services scheduled for every Friday by BHK Lawn Services


~ Semi-Annual Dues (Jan 1 & July 1) ~
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~ Sports Courts ~
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~ Community Information ~
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