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The Avalon East Community pool is open daily from 11:00 am to 7:00 through Labor Day. A fob is required to enter the pool area...No Exceptions. Residents are limited to 2 guests on the weekends and 4 guests during the weekday. 
~ Avalon East Community ~
There are multiple homeowner associations for the Avalon East community. Every year residents send payments to the incorrect association and/or make requests to the wrong property management association. This adds to management costs, delays repair work and proper posting of payments, and causes residents to incur late fees.
Avalon East Community Association is responsible for the pool, tennis courts, fitness center, and common areas in the park. To maintain these facilities and property we collect fees twice/year on January 1 and July 1 .
Avalon East is not responsible for issues related to your home. This means that we do not manage home repairs, roofs, landscaping/grass, leaks, insurance, roads, noise, neighbors, plumbing, electrical, driveways, sidewalks, power washing, rodents, birds, trees, parking, etc.. Please contact your homeowner association for these types of issues. 
Condominiums: Dave Caplan at Community Association Management
Courtyard Homes: Ruth Hoffman
Townhomes: Kathleen Hutzell at UTZ Property Management

~ From the Property Manager ~
The Avalon East Community Association is managed by Vision Realty Management. David Brocklebank is our Property Manager. In case of emergency, he can be reached at 410-992-7773.
If you need a fob, please send a request to avaloneasthoa@gmail.com. Fobs are $15/each.
Your association dues fund insurance, utilities, cleaning, and maintenance of the pool, tennis courts, clubhouse, and fitness center. They provide for maintaining the park and dog stations. These are vital to maintain good property values. Delinquent homeowners cost everyone! Be a good neighbor. . . PLEASE PAY YOUR DUES ON TIME. Semi-annual dues are due on January 1 and July 1. 

The Avalon East Community is 24 years young and our infrastructure is starting to show it's age. This year, the Board authorized renovation of the large pool. Last year, the wading pool was renovated and new motors were installed. The combined renovations totaled $100,000.
Later this summer, the tennis courts will undergo a significant, but not complete renovation. The planned work will extend the life of the courts by approximately 3-5 years during which time the Board will work to ensure adequate reserves are available to perform a complete renovation without imposing additional fees. 
The fitness center is scheduled for update in 2023. Current plans are to replace aging equipment, update the restrooms, and improve lighting. As the Board begins to get estimates for the renovation, we would like to hear from residents about what equipment/amenities you would like to see in the space. Please email us at avaloneasthoa@gmail.com with your comments.

~ Community News ~
Community Clean-up Day is June 26 from 8:00 - 10:00 am. Please consider joining other community members to beautify Greentree Rd., the Avalon Park, and the Avalon Communities. We are looking for a co-chair to help organize the event. If you are interested, please contact us via avaloneasthoa@gmail.com
If it rains on the 26th, we will reschedule.

~ Upcoming Events ~
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~ Pool ~
The pool is open daily from the Saturday before Memorial Day until Labor Day from 11:00 pm to 7:00 pm. Please be respectful of others by adhering to the posted health and safety guidelines and following all Lifeguard instructions. Guests and children under 12 must always be accompanied by a resident while at the pool.

~ Clubhouse ~
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~ Sports Courts ~
The courts will be renovated in 2022 to resurface and create 2 dedicated pickleball courts. Benches will also be added. Unfortunately, this means that the courts may be closed for up to 4 weeks in mid-summer. We hope the inconvenience will be worth the wait!
To reserve tennis and pickleball courts, log onto the Avalon East website and click on <Court Reservation> link in the lower right hand corner of the Home Page.

~ To Reserve Court Time ~
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